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Allow that I express you again all my thanks for the wonderful welcome(reception) that you matched us this journey in your so beautiful country.
Always will remain engraved(burnt) in my memory the big kindness of your team of BO Journeys, the excellence of your service(department) and the kindness of your staff. As much as the beauty of the landscapes and the cultural wealth of your country, this generosity and this spirit of welcome(reception) of people from your home make up(compose) the unique(only) character of your people. Just like this welcoming celebrity, BO Journeys is master(teacher) in the art of meter the comfortable foreign traveler in a country so different and so extraordinary.
You even, Brahim, so much know well how to knot(tie) the contacts that fast you become a friend. Far from at home, to have a friend as represents you an inestimable wealth from the beginning.
I kindly request you to greet all your staff, and in particular this dear Mustafa, the real ” Jewel of the Nile ” which we all discovered at the bottom of a desert for ever populated for us of strong images and wonderful memories(souvenirs) of men(people) and women.
Once again, many thanks for this inconceivable and indescribable welcome(reception). Allow I that I call you simply Brahim, so that this short friendship continues for ever.
In the pleasure that one day our roads still cross(meet), in a desert or in a stream of the streets of Quebec

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