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Moroccan Cooking:

The Moroccan food is one of the most sophisticated and most varied cookings of the world. It is mainly characterized by a wide diversity of dishes: couscous, earthenware cooking pot , pastilla, lamb barbecue.

The originality and the wealth of this cooking holds the multitude of influences which it underwent: Arabic, Berber. For the couscous, in particular, we also note an influence of sub-Saharan, Jewish Africa, and culinary cultures coming from Asia and from the South. All these influences made, of the Moroccan gastronomy, a rich and very varied cooking, for the diverse tastes.

Stemming from some mixture of the culinary traditions Berber, Arabic and even Andalusian, the traditional Moroccan food is considered as one of the most delicious and of the finest of the African continent.
The Moroccan food is hot, generous, subtle, colored, perfumed just like the country. How discover to accommodate with refinement: vegetables and sun-kissed fruits, rare and perfumed spices, delicate fishes and delicious meats…

Who has not ever savoured these delicious cake pastries from Moroccan food, often with almonds and honey which accompanies a service of traditional tea ?
These cakes have a shape which evokes the nature: beautiful and good, sweet, delicious, fruity and colored. As the horns of gazelle, briouates, chebbakia, sellou etc.